Your content is important.

It's your conversation with your community.

My name is Kami Huyse, Founder and CEO of Zoetica Media.
If you are struggling to plan your social media content, you are not alone.
That's why I'm excited to share this amazing content planner (that I use with my clients and for myself). Plus I've created an email Minicourse to help you as you work through the planner.
The Minicourse covers the following:
Day 1 - Knowing your customers and their needs
Day 2 - Focusing your content
Day 3 - Adding depth and becoming a leader
Day 4 - Creating a 6-month plan
Day 5 - Promoting and repurposing your content 
Best of all, these lessons and the content planner will be delivered straight to your inbox for FREE. No logging into webinars or entering passwords. 
Don't have time to work through the content planner now? Just download it and save the emails in a folder to read when you have time.

Are you ready to take your social media reach to the next level with content your audience wants and needs?

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Feeling overwhelmed?

When it comes to social media, it's easy to feel overwhelmed.
How do I know what my audience wants?
Should I blog or create videos?
How often should I post new content?
What topics am I covering?
Will I be able to keep generating new material?

The good news? All you need is a PLAN.

The Smart Social Secrets 6-month content planner will help you focus on content your community wants and needs. The 5-day minicourse walks you through each step of the planning process and provides additional resources in case you need more. The end result is 6 months of social media content ideas planned and an end to the OVERWHELM.


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