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Ready to take your social media to the NEXT LEVEL?

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I am Kami Huyse, Founder of Zoetica Media LLC, a digital marketing and public relations agency. I help brands and entrepreneurs to connect with the online communities that will support their brand.

Whether you're a big company or small, I've created a simple 4-step process that will inspire people to take action and engage with you and your brand. 

At the heart of all these systems is the COMMUNITY that you will build. It is by far the most valuable asset you will EVER have.


To build a solid social media strategy and an engaged community.


Get your strategic plan in place with the right audience and the right offer. Set goals, define and find your online audience, and implement sustainable social media outreach.


Connect with your audience and build a tribe of loyal followers that help spread your message. Even a small but powerful community can drive action. 


Create interesting content that people actually want. Inspire them to take action that engages with you and your brand. All without a huge advertising budget!


Calibrate your approach based on data. Put our 5A method to work & finally know if your social media outreach is really working, as well as how to make adjustments.

How to Build A Winning Social Media Strategy

Click the video below to hear my story about how I developed Smart Social Secrets and why the system works.



  • You are ready to expand social media reach and engagement for your company or your clients

  • You know your target audience but want to know how to build a community of followers

  • You want a proven strategy for choosing platforms and content that your audience will respond to

  • You want to know if your social media strategy is working and how to make adjustments  

See What Kami's Clients Say

"Kami is, quite simply, a social media dynamo! Her ability to cultivate and nurture meaningful relationships through social media was invaluable to our mission of connecting people with the natural world we share... she not only provides ideas and execution, but she also gives insights on the performance of her programs."

Brian M. Carter
Marketing Director, SeaWorld San Antonio


"I needed to quickly establish a baseline understanding of our online communities, as well as develop a realistic framework for training program managers. Kami and her team successfully delivered achievable, measurable, and results-driven social marketing strategies. In addition, she provided high-touch training to ensure we were comfortable with new technologies and successful in our daily social media outreach. Truly a gold-standard team for organizations of any size and budget!"

Margaret Anne Lara
Director of Engagement and Marketing, Hunt Alternatives Fund

"Kami is a treasure. She cares so much about what she does. I truly believe she's one of the special few who have never worked a day in their lives because they love what they do. Whether it is dealing with an "existence-threatening" crises for a major multi-national or building an influencer network for an entertainment company, Kami stays calm and collected under fire while keeping her eyes on the prize. She gives her all in everything she does and I would heartily endorse her for anything she desired to accomplish."

Tim Roberts
President/CEO and Owner, Wieck Media



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